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Get good sleep. Too little sleep may actually keep body fat in place, according to research from the University of Chicago. The small study showed dieters who slept 8.5 hours during one period and 5.5 during another lost about the same amount of weight (just under 7 pounds), but the composition was different: When they slept more, they took off body fat; when they slept less, they lost more muscle mass (which lowers metabolism). During less-sleep time, participants also felt hungrier and had higher levels of gherlin in their blood, an appetite-boosting hormone. Sleep experts say most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night.

Dorothy Palmer
R&D Diet Cookie

A 'cookie diet' is simply a number of 'mini-meals' eaten during the day followed by a sensible, low-calorie dinner.


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  • 6/3/2011 10:57 PM john wrote:
    This is pretty interesting. Sleep is also affected by seretonin levels which also in turn affect appetite and fat burning in the body.
    It seems there is still so much that we have to learn about the body and especially the functions of hormones in the body in regards to weight loss.
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  • 7/11/2011 11:25 AM Sprinkler Buff wrote:
    It's interesting because i have heard and read time and time again that sleep is necessary in order to gain muscle. It has been said that the natural growth hormone comes out to play the most when we sleep. The growth hormone is necessary to increase muscle size. So sleep is very important no matter what your fitness goals are.
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